Oct 10, 2019
John MacArthur
History of The Packard Proving Grounds

John’s grandfather, Fred MacArthur, started as a body draftsman at Packard in December of 1928.  His initial project at Packard was doing the full surface layout on what would become the Model 734 boattailed speedster.  Fred MacArthur would later rise to the position of Chief Body Engineer by 1953.  John has been on The Packard Motor Car Foundation Board of Trustees since 1999 and he played a pivotal role in negotiating the gift/purchase of a portion of the Packard Proving Grounds from Ford Motor Land Development Corporation.  A practicing attorney, John sometimes advises the board and has drafted many documents related to the site’s acquisition, financing and continuing development.  He is a Past President, former Vice President and now occupies the office of Secretary.  John now serves as Chair of the Site and Long-Range Planning Committee.