Our Members Are Dedicated People Who Share A Passion For Community Service.


Rotarians share ideas, make plans, hear from the community, and catch up with friends during club programs that fuel the impact we make. We are seeking individuals who have the interest and ability to get involved in local and international humanitarian projects.



Our club connection gives you the chance to develop skills like public speaking, project management, and event planning. You’ll meet interesting people from your community and around the world. And you’ll tackle local and international issues that are important to you and your fellow club members.

→ Connect with the Mount Clemens community.

→ Work with other like minded business leaders and professionals to address community needs.

→ Develop leadership skills with a potential for a leadership position.

→ Participate in Rotary’s international humanitarian service efforts.

→ Establish contact with an international network of professionals.

→ Receive “The Rotarian Magazine” and have fun while making the world a better place.



As a club member, you will be asked to:

→ Pay club dues

→ Attend meetings and events

→ Use your professional skills and talents to make a difference

→ Participate in service projects for your district and internationally

→ Engage in at least 10 hours of Rotary service each quarter

→ Support our annual fundraiser

→ Help our club grow by referring new club member(s)


  • You Express Interest

    Let us know a little about yourself and what you’re looking for. A Rotarian will contact you by email or phone to discuss your interest in Rotary. You’ll be invited to get to know the club better by attending a club meeting, a social event, or even to join in on a service project as a volunteer.

  • Attend A Rotary Meeting

    After attending your first meeting you will have the chance to become a Rotary member by attending two more meetings or events.

  • The Club Invites You To Join

    Now that you and Mount Clemens Rotary club have spent some time together and determined that you’re a good fit for each other, you will be invited to join. We will have an induction ceremony to welcome you, and give you the opportunity to introduce yourself.

  • You’re A Rotarian!

    Enjoy getting involved in Mount Clemens Rotary club as a Rotarian. Attend our weekly meeting and get involved in an upcoming event.