Nov 14, 2019
Best Selling Author Sylvia Hubbard
A Passion for Literacy

As a happily divorced, but wonderfully remarried mother of three, Sylvia has received numerous awards and recognitions for her literary and community work such as the Spirit of Detroit from Detroit City Council and State of Michigan Governor’s Certificate of Tribute Emerging Minority Business Leader Award. She’s spoken all over the United States and Canada about independent publishing, social media, 21st Guide to Marketing for writers and authors, How Readers can make money promoting their favorite authors and even how to be a Mompreneur.


Recognized as an avid blogger by HoneyTech Blogs, Ms. Hubbard runs over five blogs including How To Love A Black Woman, is CEO of HubBooks, Founder of Motown Writers & the Michigan Literary Network and has had six #1 Best Sellers on Amazon. She’s published over 45 stories with much more to come.